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Launching New African Pendant Light Fixtures in Alignment with Xhosa Cultural Traditions

Introducing New Line of Pendant Light Fixtures Inspired by Xhosa Traditions

masht african light fixture

At Mash T design studio, we are dedicated to honouring the rich cultural diversity of South Africa. As part of this commitment, we are thrilled to unveil our latest product line of pendant light fixtures that draw inspiration from the captivating shapes found in rural areas across the country. The Xhosa people, one of South Africa’s prominent Bantu ethnic groups, have a unique way of marking seasons and months. Their traditional calendars are intricately linked to natural phenomena, agricultural practices, and celestial events, reflecting a deep connection to their environment. In Xhosa culture, summer signifies a time of abundance, growth, and jubilation. It’s a season for communities to come together and revel in various festivities, making the most of the longer days. Our new pendant light fixtures, inspired by the dynamic shapes found in rural landscapes, aim to encapsulate the spirit of this vibrant season.

Showcasing Artistry from KwaZulu


Crafted from telewire, our unique pendant light fixtures showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of artisans from the KwaZulu region. By integrating this traditional artistry into our designs, we not only pay homage to South Africa’s rich heritage but also support local communities and preserve the cultural legacy of the region. Our designs delve into the architectural legacy of rural South African homes, drawing inspiration from structures that have endured over time and embody a deep connection to the land. The shapes incorporated into our pendant light fixtures pay tribute to these enduring structures that have shaped our nation’s landscapes.

The Symbolism of Shape in African Lighting

Take, for instance, our Ronta pendant, inspired by the circular dwellings commonly found in regions like the Eastern Cape. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the circular design symbolizes unity and community, fostering a sense of togetherness among inhabitants. This timeless design also offers practical benefits, facilitating efficient air circulation and optimal use of space.

We invite you to explore our new collection, where each piece not only illuminates spaces but also narrates a tale of craftsmanship, heritage, and the timeless allure of our nation.


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