The Alfred pendants; Scooby edition

The Scooby edition is a continuation of the work we began with Bab Alfred, to create the Alfred pendant. These unique pieces are meticulously crafted using Telewire (also known as Scooby), a material steeped in history. Traditionally utilized by Zulu watchmen to express their creativity, Telewire showcases the ingenuity and artistic vision of its creators.

In Zulu culture, watchmen, also known as “Izinyanga zempi,” played a vital role in safeguarding the community. These watchmen would often spend long hours in their posts, keeping a watchful eye over the surroundings and ensuring the safety of the village.

During their shifts, they would find innovative ways to pass the time and express their artistic talents. One such practice was weaving intricate patterns using telecommunication wires. The telecommunication wires, also known as “tele wire,” were repurposed into beautiful and visually striking creations.

The Zulu artisans behind these masterpieces have taken a once-utilitarian telecommunication wire and transformed it into an emblem of adaptability and ingenuity.


DIMENSION: H200 x W385

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Each light fitting is handmade so designs may vary slightly.
Colours may vary slightly and are subject to availability.

Light exclude globe.
E27 screw-in bulb needed.
Comes fitted with a lamp holder, ceiling cup and mounting cables.
This product is ceiling-mounted and requires installation.

Care instructions
To clean, simply use a damp cloth or feather duster.

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Weight 5 kg