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Debuted at the recent 100% Design Africa in Johannesburg, MashT Design Studio is proud to introduce you to Noodle, our debut sofa and keystone piece of our forthcoming seating range.

The Journey

The design of our Noodle began almost a decade ago, when the dream to create a sofa that could stand the test of time first started developing in the MashT Design Studio notebooks.

Curving and gracious, our creative director Thabisa imagined a form that created space, rather than defined it — a sofa that would look as good in the foyer of a hotel, or restaurant, as it did in the homes of any of her clients.

“I have always wanted to create this sofa, but the one I had in mind right at the start of founding MashT Design Studio required a different Thabisa to get it right – a Thabisa with more experience, not just in how to make, but who understands how customers actually live with their pieces. The design really needed the right time, and now it has come.” – Thabisa Mjo founder MashT Design Studio


Making it

As the idea idea grew into itself, MashT’s early focus on lighting design, that had built the backbone of a collaborative approach toward making, meant that the right craftspeople were brought on board from the outset to realise the manufacturing. Working alongside great crafters, the piece began to incorporate elements of the original drawings, but updated to allow for the expertise of sofa specialists and the new styles emerging from our studio. 

While prototyping the sofa’s complex construction Thabisa began experimenting in the studio with Pool Noodles — the foam tubes that are so part of South African summers – that became the perfect foundation for the sofa to build itself out, and for its forms to be tested, and played with. 

Though they aren’t still part of the final sofas, we thought they deserved to be remembered, and named the couch after them.  

The Design

Inspired by the glamour and joie de vivre of classic retro design from the 1970’s, and the contemporary move away from the hard edges of the 00’s toward more organic, softer forms, Noodle is a tribute to more humane design, and a softness that makes you, and your space, feel better. 

Noodle sofa mashT

Split in two portions – with one lounging side, and one upright – the sofa also allows for the creation of a comfortable corner unit. Accents of brass on raised feet ensure that the piece will stand on its own, regardless of floor finish, and the Noodle’s many customisable colourways creates the opportunity to easily make our Noodle your own, no matter the setting. 

It’s that forever sofa you’ve been looking for, so take comfort in Noodle.

To experience Noodle in-person head to our showroom at Always Welcome in Kramerville, Johannesburg, or click the button below to shop Noodle Online at our online store. 


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