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Mash.T Design Studio collaborates with Dolce & Gabbana!

In a momentous development for MashT Design Studio, our esteemed Creative Director, Thabisa Mjo, has been handpicked to participate in the prestigious Dolce and Gabbana Next Generation Programme. This honour underscores our commitment to showcasing the world-class quality of African craftsmanship on the global stage.

For the second consecutive year, Dolce and Gabbana presented eleven international designers during Milan Design Week 2024 as part of their Gen D – Designer Generation initiative. Handpicked from various countries, these designers under 40, including Thabisa Mjo, converged in Milan to celebrate cultural diversity through the universal language of design. Drawing inspiration from their native countries and collaborating with Italian artisans, they crafted a vibrant mosaic of styles and perspectives that transcends continents and traditions.

Thabisa’s selection for the Dolce and Gabbana Next Generation Programme underscores her exceptional talent, visionary outlook, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of African design.

Her journey to where she is today has been nothing short of remarkable. As a film school graduate, she embarked on a colourful adventure that led her to explore various avenues within the creative industry. From freelancing as a set designer to taking on the role of an events planner for corporate events, her path has been diverse and dynamic.

During this period, she found herself transcribing Nollywood movies after graduation. This role provided her with an opportunity to navigate her path in the creative industry, allowing her to hone her skills and discover her passions along the way. Her experience underscores the significance of embracing opportunities, as they can lead to uncovering hidden talents and passions.

Thabisa’s innate storytelling ability finds its expression in design, becoming a powerful tool to honour South African heritage and its vibrant culture. Through her creations for Dolce and Gabbana, she captures the regal essence of traditional South African women’s attire, often worn during events of great significance. Seamlessly blending elements of Dolce and Gabbana’s Alta Moda, she achieves a harmonious fusion of cultural heritage and high fashion, showcasing the richness of both worlds.

Thanks to collaborations with amazing partners like Houtlander and Qaqambile Bead Studio, we’ve had the chance to celebrate the rich diversity of African craftsmanship and culture on the global stage. This opportunity enabled us to seamlessly blend craftsmanship from South Africa and Italy into our designs, creating something truly unique and special.


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